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Mentoring Matters?

The ACC VIC Mentoring Program seeks to assist our Senior Pastors in developing themselves to operate from a place of health, both spiritually & physically.

The program was launched in March 2012 with ten Senior Pastor couples from around the State & has quickly become a valuable tool in assisting Senior Pastors in the development of healthy lifestyle and ministry practices.


The ten-month program (Feb-Nov) has been designed specifically for senior pastors.

It involves book reviews, Skype hook-ups and a forum where insights & feedback can be exchanged. This will provide an opportunity for interaction, no matter where you live.


Group Skype sessions with state executive members, key leaders & overseas ministries

Books / podcasts / videos & articles from best minds from around the globe

Online access to downloads


Prayer team allocated to each pastor

One-on-one mentoring

Ministry teams available

Connection to ongoing mentors

Weekend Intensive

The first weekend of March is a key highlight of the mentoring program. It is important that you are placed to attend this weekend before committing to the program.

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The Program

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